What is Royalty Free Music?2018-09-16T09:41:24+00:00

Royalty Free Music mentions to a type of music licensing that lets the purchaser pay for the music license just once and use the music for as long as desired. For example, you purchase a Royalty Free Music license for a video on your website. … It just means “Free of Royalty.”

Do I need to purchase a license for every video I make?2018-09-17T11:14:42+00:00

If your videos are different then yes, every license allows you to use the song in one end product. For example, if you are making two ads with the same song, you need to purchase two licenses of that song.

Can I try the songs before purchasing them?2018-10-09T14:06:56+00:00

Yes, you can download the watermarked mp3 version of the songs from AudioJungle and try them for free, just hit the “Download Preview” button.

Why do I hear “AudioJungle” within the song?2018-09-17T11:30:39+00:00

It’s just the watermark to protect the song from illegal downloads. It will be eliminated automatically, once you purchase the corresponding license.

Which license should I purchase for a YouTube video or other social media?2020-08-10T21:17:08+00:00

If you are going to use the song for any social media channel, no matter how large your audience is, you should purchase the Music Standard License. It is the cheapest license, and you can use it for just one video. For example, if you create two videos with the same track, you will need to purchase two licenses.

Which license should be purchased for a TV/Radio advertisement?2018-10-09T14:11:53+00:00

You have to choose one of these licenses depending on the size of your estimated audience:

What is Content ID?2018-09-11T10:43:31+00:00

Content ID is YouTube’s unique software system that was built to help content owners find copies of their work on youtube. Content owners register their audio or visual reference files that identify their works. Content ID database creates what is known as a ‘fingerprint’ from these files and scans videos on youtube against these fingerprints, to see if there is a match. Content ID can recognize audio, video, and even melodies when they have been covered or imitated. When the system detects a match between the audio or visual reference files and a video on YouTube, the content owner has three options. They can block the video that matched their content. They can monetize the video, or they can track viewer data to get detailed analytics, such as countries where their content is popular.

What is AdRev?2018-09-11T11:19:20+00:00

AdRev is a YouTube Partner platform that uses the Content ID system to manage and administer copyrighted content on behalf of content owners.

Why am I getting a message that my video has “matched third party content”?2018-09-11T13:05:19+00:00

If YouTube identified your video as matching third party content, please do not worry. This is merely a message and layer of protection that YouTube uses to communicate that it has noticed you are using music with copyright belonging to LoopWaves.

It is essential to note that when a video is flagged, YouTube Monetization will be disabled for that video. To get money collected during a run period the video requires to be cleared.

If you purchased a license from AudioJungle, there is a quick and simple way to eliminate the “matched third party content” message on your videos, and once you complete the process it will be removed, and the video will be cleared for monetization.

How do I eliminate the “matched third party content” YouTube warning?2020-08-12T14:38:52+00:00

Removing the “matched third party content” message from your video is a simple process, and can be performed in one of the three ways below:

1. Clearing by AdRev:
The easiest method of clearing copyright claims on your video is by AdRev’s website. Enter your info and video link and copy/paste the contents from your purchased License Certificate into the message box. Claims are often cleared within 24 – 96 hours, and you will receive a confirmation email once the process is complete.

2. Clearing through your YouTube account:

1. Sign in to your YouTube account.
2. Click on your channel icon then click Creator Studio and navigate to the Video Manager tab.
3. Click the Copyright claim icon © link on the side of your video.
4. Click on File a dispute.
5. Choose “I have a license or permission from the proper rights holder to use this material.” and click continue.
6. A brief explanation is required, and we recommend you to enter the following statement in the message box, followed by the text from your license:

I have purchased a license to use the song “Title of Song” by LoopWaves from the website “audioJungle.net“, and have the right to use the song on YouTube. I am pasting my license information below as proof:

” paste license info here ”

7. Submit the form, and claims are usually cleared within 24 – 96 hours.

3. Clearing by LoopWaves

We created a particular form to help you clear a third party content notice from your YouTube video. Easily fill out the form and send us the required information and the clearing claim will be filed on your behalf.

Where can I find the license I need for AdRev/YouTube/loopwaves.com?2018-10-09T14:16:23+00:00

Sign in to your AudioJungle account and download the license from the Downloads page.

Is there a method to pre-clear a video before it goes live, or YouTube channel entirely?2018-09-15T17:17:26+00:00

Yes, both can be done!

Pre-clearing a video

When you are uploading a video on YouTube, set it as “Unlisted.” When you choose this option, the video will be uploaded as unlisted to your channel and will not be “live” for your subscribers to see. By refreshing the video manager page, the copyright notice will appear next to your unlisted video. Follow the instructions above on how to eliminate the “matched third party content,” and wait for the notice to disappear from your video and then switch the video from “Unlisted” to “Public.” Now you can collect monetized views from the beginning without any interruption.

Pre-clearing your entire YouTube channel

If you have licensed at least five of LoopWaves’s songs previously you are eligible to have your entire channel white-listed from Content ID. Whitelisting a channel will prevent any further copyright notices from appearing on future videos that contain LoopWaves’s music. Please complete this form if you meet the minimum five song criteria and would like to whitelist your entire YouTube channel.

Please Note: If you have uncleared copyright notices on your channel, Occasionally whitelisting may not be possible. These notices must be individually cleared first before the channel can be whitelisted.

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